Kang Daniel breaks Instagram…. again, after creating new account

Yes you heard it right, former Wanna One centre Kang Daniel has a new Instagram account.

As the current Guinness World Record holder for being the fastest to gain one million followers on Instagram, it came as a shock to many when he created a new account following a dispute with his agency that went public.

According to Korean media, Daniel had sent in a request to LM Entertainment to change certain terms in their exclusive contract causing a disagreement.

In a letter posted on his official fanclub website, the idol divulged that he was refused ownership of his social media accounts even after repeatedly requesting for it. He wanted a channel to reach out and connect to his fans.

As a result, he announced that he was going to create a brand new Instagram account at 12pm KST Monday (11am Singapore time, March 4), leaving fans scrambling to hit the ‘Follow’ button when the time came.

But as the rush began, most fans started to realise that something was wrong. Though they were able to click ‘Follow’, they realised that the button would revert back to its original state, leaving many confused.

While Instagram has not corrected this bug at the time of writing, fans have created fanciful methods and even a tutorial for what can be done to circumvent the issue. 

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