CNBlue’s Lee Jong-hyun admits he watched sex videos shared by Jung Joon-young

SEOUL – Will pop-rock band CNBlue’s Lee Jong-hyun be the next K-pop artist to exit the industry?

For now, his label said he will take time out to reflect on his behaviour after he admitted that he had viewed sex videos shared by singer Jung Joon-young on a group chat.

Jung, who faced a marathon police questioning that started on Thursday (March 14) and ended the next day, has already quit showbiz.

The police are probing his secret taping of 10 women in sex acts.

According to FNC Entertainment, Lee, who is now serving military service, had told the company that he had not viewed the footage, and that it had released a statement to share that information.

But after local broadcaster SBS reported that Lee was among K-pop artists who had seen the videos, FNC spoke to him again. This time, he admitted that the report was true, and that he had made disparaging remarks about the women filmed.

The company added that he was now full of regrets over what he had done, and would spend time reflecting on how to be a better person.

In addition to Jung, Seungri has quit boyband BigBang.

He has been booked by the police for procuring sexual favours for VIP customers of his Burning Sun Club.

Two more artists – rock band FT Island’s Choi Jong-hoon and boyband Highlight’s Junhyung – have also left show business in the fallout from the widening K-pop scandal.

This article was first published in The Straits Times. Permission required for reproduction.

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