Top Ten Best Action Movies

Here are the ten best action movies that got our adrenaline pumping and the dynamite exploding. We love action movies and have seen hundreds in our time.

10. Robocop: A cop is converted after he is brutally murdered execution style by a notorious gang leader. He becomes a super crime fighter, a Robo Cop who is mostly machine with some remnants of his human memory / life. This film had lots of innovative fight scenes with robots, when that was the huge craze and robots were just becoming known in the late 80’s. Interestingly, Darren Aronofsky has been hired to film the remake, and Aronofsky is a brilliant director (The Fountain, The Wrestler, Requiem for a Dream).

9. Commando: One of Arnold’s earlier films in the 80’s, the title speaks for itself. Schwarzenegger is on a mission to get back his kidned daughter, and not even an army will stand in his way. “You know when I said I’d kill you last … I lied.” This is Arnold doing what he does best, shooting machine guns and blowing stuff up. A movie where you do not have to think.

8. Mission Impossible: Another great film with suspense and excitement. The Mission Impossible team is stealthy and sneaky. Suspended above lasers detection and holding on for dear life as an elevator rockets towards the ceiling. This message will self destruct in five seconds.

7. Rocky: You gotta love this one, “Yo Adrian!”. Rocky Balboa is the prototypical Philly Boxer, he does not know much, but he can fight. This series was full of excitement except for Rocky V, that one sucked. But with Rocky heads up against fighters like Apollo, Clubber, and Drago, there is tons of boxing action!

6. The Transporter: Fast cars, fast fighting, and hot women. What could be better? Not much, “The Transporter” has it all and like to show off. The car chase scenes and fight choreography are to be accredited. The plot is intriguing too, the women, are the package to be delivered.

5. Rambo: An ex special forces guy who can take out an army police department with a rock and some sharp sticks. The Rambo series show us that with enough will power and makeshift technology, one man can be “an army of one”. One thing you do not want to do is get on Rambo’s bad side. And yes they’ve made too many in the series, Stallone obviously never says die.

4. Aliens: The first and second and resurrection films in this series were well done. The Aliens depicted in these films are not to be messed with. They are scary looking and will haunt your dreams. Only flamethrowers and a helluva lot of ammunition will take them down. And even then after you shoo them, there could be acid splash back at you. Only Ripley seems to know how to take them down, and maybe that’s because she is carrying one of them inside her, and they do not want to kill their own. These Aliens are like worker ants only much bigger and much deadlier. The hierarchy is the same though.

3. Predator: How do you kill what you can not see? Arnold thinks “if it bleeds we can kill it”. Easier said than done as the Predator lives for the hunt and wants humans for trophies. His technology is vastly superior to the measly humans, but lucky for them he will fight on their level for “honor”. This is the only weakness that allow Arnold to have a sporting chance.

2. Terminator: First Schwarzenegger plays a cyborg from the future that comes to kill Sarah Connor, then in T2 he plays one that comes to save Jon Connor to fight for the resistance against Sky Net. I do not know why but but I always think that this apocalyptic scenario is always possible with our technology available. We all await to see whether Terminator: Salvation will be a blockbuster or a failure.

1. Die Hard: “yippy ka yay” This film has action ingrained in its cellophane. Most definitely the best action film of all time. An NYPD cop is trapped in Nakatomi plaza with a bunch of terrorist who held his wife’s co workers at an office party. John McClane slips away when they seize control, and manages to threaten and kill off the terrorist one by one. John McTiernan directed this film along with the Predator film, and does an impossible job.

Source by Clarke Baldwin

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