Electronic Book – 3 Reasons Ebooks Are Better Than Paperbacks


This article will discuss 3 reasons why an electronic book is better than a paperback. New innovative features make reading with an eBook very attractive. The three reasons below will outline some of the key qualities of choosing technology over tradition.

1. Online Dictionary: A huge bonus to portable eBook readers is that they have the New Oxford American Dictionary built-in with over 250,000 entries and definitions. So unlike traditional books, you will not have to gloss over a word you do not know. Quickly look up unknown words and get on with your reading.

2. Large Variety: Comparing it to Netflix or any other online movie site, ebooks have a large variety so you can always find what you are in the mood to read rather than settling for what is available in your home or the store you frequent. Most devices can hold 1500 books or more so you will never have to read something just because that is all you have.

3. Read-to-Me Feature: Do not feel like reading? Electronic books come with a read-to-me function so you can sit back, close your eyes and have your story dictated to you. The text-to-speech feature is available in most cases without the book's rights holder did not make that feature available. This function can be used to read newspapers, magazines, blogs and books in English. You can even switch back and forth between reading it yourself or having the feature read to you and your spot will be automatically saved. They have options for both male and female voices and you can adjust the speed to your liking.

This article issued 3 reasons why an electronic book is superior to a paperback book. With a built in dictionary, a large variety of books to choose from and a read-to-me feature, using an eBook is fast becoming the best way to enjoy and relax with a book.


Source by Vince Knightley

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